Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In Bloom

So all the tattoos i did today were flowers. It's weird how a lot of the time, i seem to get whole days of the same subject matter booked in (unintentionally). did 3 pieces today, here's 2 of them.

First one is a cover up, and i'm starting to get more and more picky with which cover up's i take on. from now on, i dont want so many size restrictions. It gets frustrating trying to something that would be A) so much easier if it was just a little bigger, and
B) look so much better if it was bigger too!

This one came out OK though, but if it was just a little bigger...... I'll shut up now.

Second up was this geometrical hallucination. She sat like a champ, cant have been plesant going over the shoulder onto the chest. 10 points lil' lady!

The half sleeve pics from yesterday didnt come out too great, all the black was healed, so the fresh sections looked swollen and funky, by the time we finished the bottom half had settled down, so here's a section that came out ok with not so much glare! more geometrical madness. I'm not an architect people! No fun! haha I have a deep rooted hatred of drawing anything that needs a "tool", ruler, compass, protractor etc etc (the closest i came for a long time was using a beer mat to trace a semi circle for a light ray on a sketch!)

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