Friday, 24 July 2009

ross' roses and the unamed irish neighbor

ok so finally, finally finally! after far too long, and ross trying to figure out what would be easier, not getting this piece finished and getting it lasered off, or just dealing with it. in the end he did neither, he had panic attacks, bitched and moaned, and drove me close to slitting his throat just to get it over and done with.
anyway, after a very limited time scale, i got this finished before he tapped out. (got it all coloured in 1 and a half hours. world record anyone?) i think so.

earlier today, i owed a friend and my next door neighbor a favor for helping out with walking my dogs back in .... god i dunno. last time i went away. singapore convention in january? i cant think of a better present than a free tattoo. well, maybe a house. that would be cool, or a motorbike, or an island.......

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assbunny said...

it would be a lot easier to slit his throat =]