Sunday, 19 July 2009

new stuff makes me smile

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
-- Bo Derek

OK, so my 6:30pm appointment didnt end up coming coz her baby is sick.... and i finished my previous appointment by 6, so i had 2 WHOLE hours of awesomeness so do whatever i wanted! so i nipped out to the star ferry, to vist my obscenely overpriced magazine lady, bought june's issue of skin deep along with some atrocious American tattoo magazines that get worse and worse every time i buy them, but i dont have much choice really. why does HK not get any half decent tattoo magazines? the japanese ones can be good, but i like to read magazines, not just scrutinize pictures of tattoos that are an inch big..... BOO.......:(

ok, so next stop my favorite little coffee den which i havent been to since i moved and no longer take the star ferry to work no more. they have all sorts of new goodies, nice new pasta salads, and these ADORABLE lil' cupcakes. i wish i took a pic next to something so u could see how teeny tiny they were. too cute!

then off to harbor city, to blow some more dough! so first stop the Benefit counter, to stock up on some war paint. I love Benefit, and they have a Beneblog now too, (i know this as they had awesome flyers soaked in perfume with pink robots on them) whats more eye catching than a pink robot? nothing me thinks!

so then off to Page One bookstore, i cant go into a Page One and not spend a fortune. It's my nemesis and my best friend....

Here's SOME of what i bought, (how friggin' sweet are those notebooks by the way) I am freakily obsessed with stationary/note books/stuff i know i dont need but want....and Hong Kong is full of that kinda stuff!

oh, and i found this....... never heard about it, but looks like it could either be AWESOME or complete toss. we'll see....

I especially like the section on the back which reads;
"Jane Austin is the author of Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and other masterpieces of English Literature. Seth Grahame-Smith once took a class in English Literature. He lives in Los Angeles"

Then off to Marks n Sparks to stock up on food..... They have the most incredible frozen food, and seeing as we don't normally eat dinner til 2am, it's nice to have stuff that doesnt need preparing.

So all in all, an awesome shopping spree that should have never happened, coz i'm trying to save money for my trip to England next month. oh well.......

Just finished up at the shop for the day, and here's the last piece i did. It would have been fun, if my customer wasn't acting like he was in so much pain he was going to die from new kinda scratching the surface external implosion disease. Nevermind, he sat still enough (in between the 10 or so breaks, bless him!) Stuff like this always upsets me to do in Black n grey, coz i am very very very favorable to colour. lots of colour. nevermind, i couldn't get a great photo coz he had humungous pores by the time i was done.

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