Monday, 13 July 2009

there must be a way of controlling worrying about things you cant control.

so i have had the worst week ever. i hate posting blogs like this, but i know a lot of regulars at the studio have grown to know and love him, so here goes....

long story short, my dog, my best friend, Milo was brutally attacked by 4 village dogs on saturday night.
he has undergone surgery, and i am relieved and happy to say that he is expected back home on wednesday. he's very battered and bruised, has about 12 punture wounds and currently has about 6 tubes draining the fluid from his body.

oh, and the AFCD decided that the best thing to do was to release a warning to the lady who looks after the dogs who made the attack. just a fucking warning. they didnt get taken away.

i miss him.

i really dont have much else to blog about, well, thats a lie, i could go on forever about this, and the neighbors who have made my life a living hell recently but i just wanted to post the news about Milo for anyone who was worried about him.

Here's a few pics from happier times.


Jude said...

I can't believe it.. a warning... Fucking assholes!! As much as I love dogs, it sounds like these ones need to be dealt with. Unfortunately most of the time it's the owner that needs a bullet, not the dogs.

Hope you're okay Julia it must be so devastating... I can't imagine. I bet you're counting the seconds till he comes home tomorrow!

Please do get in touch some time it would be great to see you before we leave (going to Thailand from 26th Jul-5th Aug, and leave for NZ on the 14th Aug) even if we just drop by the shop or go for a drink somewhere as I know how busy you guys get.

lowlight said...

Some heads need to be decapitated. And by that I mean the lady who owns those dogs.