Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Milo's recent pics.

So we got him back from the vets today. all his drainage tubes are out and he is looking much MUCH better. obviously still in a lot of pain, and has a lot of mending to do, but i'm just so happy to have him back. here are some pics taken today. not for the faint hearted, but i just wanted to show how much damage was done by my neighbors dogs, who didnt get any repercussions .

Thanks to everyone who gave us their well wishes. Anyone who wants to come visit him is welcome to come by the studio.

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princessinferno said...

I finally found you in EP's followers, he told me i could find you here and i wanted to thank you so, so much for the Buffy comic, which is super awesome!

But then started reading your blog and i almost started crying for poor Milo.
That's the saddest thing, i can't believe they just got away with it, but i'm happy to hear he's gonna be ok.
He looks like such a sweet boy.
I hope he doesn't completely lose his trust in other dogs after this.
I can't even begin to imagine how i'd feel if something like this happened to my Lucifer.

Take good care of your little patient and thanks again for the present!