Sunday, 28 June 2009

sweet as a nut *take 2* and then some!

So ever since i did my "sweet as a nut" donut tattoo, Ross has really wanted one, so here's what i came up with. I have to hand it to him, if it wasn't for him i wouldn't get to see half my stoopid ideas come to life, after all i can only reach so much on myself, and i hate tattooing myself!
I'll probably go back in to tighten some stuff up when it heals, but here's todays tattoodle!

Tomorrow i have allocated a full day for Sham Shui Po'ing (yeah i've made it a verb, deal with it!) I need to try and find some wholesale good-quality t shirts with no side seams to get our new run of t shirts printed on, and nobody has managed to point us in the right direction so far. I'm kinda in a mad crazy rush to get them done, and as Ross is a screen printer by trade, we both thought it would be nice if our new run of shirts is all hand printed. It's turned into quite the headache of the century though, so anyone who knows any good t shirt suppliers (something like fruit of the loom or haines would be perfect), or if anyone knows any good screen print suppliers, pls pls message me!

Just for a lil' taster, here's the new t shirt design i am HOPING to get printed (at least a small run for the UK in August) soon.

Oh, and speaking of August, here's the official spankin' new list of places and dates of where and when i'll be working etc etc.....

ok, i have a crazy hectic schedule while i am over in england in aug. so far, it looks like i'll be working at haunted on holloway rd london, the 11th, 12th and 13th of aug,

then working the norwich convention the 15th and 16th of aug,

then working at flaming 8 in kentish town, london the 20th to the 28th.

anybody interested in booking in for any work by me, pls get in contact sooner than later, as i really want a heads up on what i'll be doing and be able to get some designs prepped out before i travel.

feel free to e mail me at for any questions/consultations/bookings.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Go folk yourself!

So yesterday i had a mad rush to meet a man about a thing in wan chai, to entrust him with my brand spankin' new portfolio ready for my trip to london. Plan is, he's gonna fly halfway across this little planet we all inhabit, and drop it off at my work establishment to be...... fingers crossed his plane doesn't burst into a ball of flames, or his luggage gets swallowed by the goblins who live in the baggage carousel, or..... he FORGETS TO PACK IT! ahhh worry worry worry.

anyways, after getting semi drunk with the man in question, i rushed home for a good ol' BBQ. the weather man was wrong, there was no rain, and no hot dogs ended up a soggy mush on the grill. good stuff!
so i did this piece on tues night last thing, but didnt have time to post it, after all i promised i'd post the other pic, so here's the piece on the boyfriend of the "bloomin' hell" girl ! For all y'all who dunno who Woody Guthrie is, here's a lil' taster.

and here's the sweet tattoo i had the pleasure of doing! (who wouldn't wanna do a woody guthrie tattoo, right?!) this is one of his lil' sketches from way back when.

anyways, it's 2am, and i am finally done for the day, and i got me a whole bunch of "I love Lucy" to watch, and a whole load of beer left over from the BBQ!

til next time.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bloomin' hell!

ok so as promised here's todays piece. ok ok so it's not exactly RIGHT after i did it, but it's the same day (i count days as.... well if i havent slept yet it still counts as the same day!)

also finished off a half sleeve i've been workin on on and off for a while now, but couldnt get a good pic coz some of the last sections of colour swelled up loads so the pics came out a bit funky lookin'! should get a healed pic soon though.
Finally got my portfolio ready to send off to london too so quite an eventful day really!

Monday, 22 June 2009

birdies go *tweet tweet*

ok, so i was meant to post this a few days ago when i did it, but then life happened and i ALMOST forgot about it!

here it is though. fun piece on a girl i tattooed ages ago, then she moved to canada, then she briefly came back to get more!

started a geometrical madness half sleeve today, it circles inside circles and triangles inside triangles inside triangle and all that stuff that's horrible to tattoo. super relieved when i had finished all the linework!

tomorrow, another nice piece booked in, and i promise, pinky swear even that i will post it tomorrow night.... not half a week after i do it!

til then.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

hibiscus......funny lookin' word!

ok so today has totally worn me out, and even though yesterday was my day off, it sure didnt feel like one. what with all the running around, arguing with stoopid embassy types, filling in paperwork, then having to fill in MORE paperwork coz my signature went outside of the red box....god forbid. then going through my tax forms, and all the paperwork for the last few months, then going home in a mad rush to get the designs that were due drawn up.....BAH!

ok so this was a fun lil piece i started the day off wirh. i aint used to being limited as far as my colours go, but she was adamant (no not Adam Ant) that i only used red n brown. so i poured every shade of red and every shade of brown i had, snuck a little yellow n white in there too but shhhhhhh, it's all in the mix!

it's on the ribs, (hard to tell from this pic) and although she really didnt enjoy this, she sat well. 10 points young missy, 10 points well earnt!

tomorrow i start the day with a super sweet piece, and finish it with a cover up i've been dreading for a month. pfffffff
til then y'all!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

coin purse

ok so what better time to blog than 3 am, after getting back from a retardedly long day at work? ok so i was gonna blog yesterday, but i ran outta hours in the day, so i'm doing yesterdays work today....well technically now it's tomorrow but lets not nit pick eh?

so long story short, i owed a favour to a mate who walked my dogs while i was away at the singapore convention in jan. (yeah, i know i know....january was like 10 years ago, but better late than never right? i always keep my promises, i just never keep the time)

so he is like Mr Metalhead, and has been wanting a dimebag daryl tattoo for forever. he didnt really want a portrait as such, i call it more of a poor-trait..... and so he e mailed a pic he liked, and e mailed a pic of the guitar he wanted, and this is what i threw together. i think if i knew how to use the ever mystical photoshop, this would have taken me half the time it took to design it, but whatever.

finally something to blog about!

so i've been getting into the habit of not even getting sleepy til 5am, and it's starting to kill me. tomorrow i gotta go get my new passport sorted for when i fly to the UK in aug, and i'm meant to be getting up at like 10am so wish me luck crawling outta bed early on none other than my day off.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

mxpxnme get it? got it? no....

ok so i'm finally on the right computer as far as my pics from beijing goes, albeit being 1:30am. ok so quick post just so i have finished my beijing blogathon. took me too too long. how long's it been u ask? oh i dunno, ten years or so.....
so here goes (yes i look much much younger, but 10 years will do that to a person)

ok so numero uno is mike, being attacked by UFO's. i know! i'm lucky i caught in on film. there's a documentary bout this whole saga coming soon to a theatre near you.

and here's when the UFO's attacked back. enthralling to say the least...

and here's a pic the local newspapers took to avoid any legalities, just to show everyone survived and was "A OK"

and here's another, mike looks a little freaked out, and i look a little worse for wear, but we should both get 10 bonus points for that one time we took down the mother ship right?

ok so here's the pics i got of tom, who had the coolest monkey tattoo ever (asides from my commie monkey of course), and it was freakily close to a set of flash i drew back in london, and we had lots to talk about coz of the weird coincidense....and ....ok ok here's the pics

and last but by no means least, my go to guy on myspace, the one, the only Yuri the chick magnet!

so i'm guessing y'all wouldn't believe the sheer SHOCK AND HORROR i went through when i arrived home, only to find the aforementioned aliens had found where i live, and had broken in, and wait for it.......
wait for it..........
WAIT FOR IT............!

yes, E.T obviously just wants to phone home, but *note* how my army of monkeys (top left) was already in position to attack. bless them, bless my monkey army i say!

Friday, 12 June 2009

walkin' down the street just draggin' my feet

ok, so very busy work. too busy if that's possible, and coz i'm fully booked, i'm ending up squeezing little bits n bobs into places that shouldnt be squeezed into....that's not meant to sound as odd as it does.... anyways....
i've been getting pretty sick to death of Hong Kong recently, and the few FEW good gigs that i've had the pleasure of going to recently have almost ALMOST been keeping me sane.

Anyways, I cant wait to go back to the UK in Aug. Its gonna be awesome AWESOME! 4 days of sweet bands @ Rebellion Fest, then a tattoo convention, then a week or so more in London working half the time at Flamin Eight, and half the time at Haunted. Needless to say, I'll be coming back with some new tattoo! woo hoo WOO HOO! i havent been tattooed since january, so i'm well due.

Got to do a nice little snug piece up in the armpit region of a guy with a beautiful BEAUTIFUL (i dunno why i'm typing like this, dont ask) sleeve by Dana Helmuth from New York Adorned. It's always nice to see sweet work up n close in person. When I went to Beijing for MxPx, Mike (the bass/singer) had some awesome work by Oliver Peck, and that too was great to see in person. I dont think I've posted any recent work for a while, but to be honest, i've either been starting big stuff, or doing stuff that's not my kinda blog post stuff (script, tribal, bio mech, etc etc....)

so i figured i'd just post something, anything recent, so here's a teeny tiny flower on a wrist i did the other day. enjoy!

Monday, 8 June 2009

boogie monsters!

So!!! i am finally getting the chance to give my liver a break from the manic 3 day bender i just had with the Bembol Rockers! Went to see them at the Fringe club on fri, then we got them a gig playing Ned Kelly's on Sat, and they were asked back on Sunday! Awesome band, awesome group of guys and good times had by all. They left Hong Kong this morning, so yesterday i had to get to work early to squeeze them in for some new tattoos. I was meant to tattoo 2 of the guys, but i only had time for Lakshmi, the double bassist. I'll catch up with Mark sometime somewhere to sort him out too, whether we go to Manila or they come back here!
More photos to come, but here's a few taken last night...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

dont you know that the longer you live, the sooner you get to die?

ok so another post kinda part of my Beijing blogathon which admittedly is taking far too long, but every time i have a minute to blog, i'm on the wrong computer (the one WITHOUT all the pics i keep meaning to post.....)
ok so here's a funny story...

we leave the gig, we've eaten the food in the restaurant with the worst menu translator ever...and its like, ooh...4am. we still had a few hours to spare before we headed back to the airport, so we hooked up with guys that had a few bars to hit, and a car (way way way big added bonus!) ok, so just as we r getting into the car, this awesomely insane photogpapher runs up to us, and in his best broken english, asks if he can take our photos coz "he loves our style". so we're drunk, and had time to burn so we're all like "yeah, sure" so he's like "ok stand in the road" and coz we're all drunk n shit we're all like "ok"

so we r standing in the middle of a busy road (i know its 4am but beijing seems to never sleep and there were cars coming from both sides) and suddenly, i'm like "ok, i think i'm gonna die. (car speeds past, skims my leg) yeah, really, i think i'm gonna die or at least get really really hurt......."

anyways, we end up standing there dodging traffic trying to show off our "cool style (haha)" while mr crazy photo guy kneels in the road a few metres in front of us.

needless to say, i didnt die, or get even a little mangled, as bad as the driving is in beijing, they do tend to try their best not to hit drunk people in the middle of the road.....bonus.

so the guy e mailed a pic from that night, which to be honest...i never thought i'd even see any evidence of, and its a pretty cool pic, *note how awesome the lighting is coz we had car headlights from front and back!*

check out his photo blog HERE!