Saturday, 26 July 2008

monkeys and machines = perfect day

so yesterday ruled! i got up soooooper early (9am......i cant remember the last time i was awake before midday!) to rush to the studio coz there was a tattooer travelling from spain and i was not gonna let him leave without doing a piece on me!

my leg

(thanks i LOVE IT!) (i'm hoping someone can translate that for him) he spoke barely any english, but we managed. so i got a kick ass monkey hand with a rose n stuff. Loving it! so 4 hrs later, i tattoo my customers for the rest of the day, and i did another mammoth godzilla of a piece! sat through it like a trooper.

chinese backpiece

and heres a piece i did the day before. "Ashes" and "Dust" for those of you who dont read german!
OOoohh....and i almost forgot! I got a brand spankin new tattoo machine yesterday too! Life is good i tell ya! Woop woop and all that jazz.


Tomorrow, a half sleeve and a design i have been meaning to finish since the dawn of man. (sorry ! you know who u r)

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Carl said...

Wow that caligraphy really looks like it was painted on with a giant brush! Nicely done! The monkey hand is pretty rad too