Sunday, 13 July 2008

what followed fell like mercury to hell

so yesterday was quite possibly the busiest we have ever been. from the moment i got to the studio, til about 12am i was tattooing crazy oh my god i need a cigarette but there is no time and i'm gonna kill someone solid.

so i knew i was fully booked, but then i got a walk in first thing, so i squeezed her in, then what i thought was one booking was 2, then i had to squeeze another guy in who was leaving the next day, and in total i did 7 pieces, not like teeny tiny pieces, like proper tattoos. i was so happy to go home, and i would have posted this last night, but i couldnt get an internet connection, so here i am posting it today on my way to work, where once again i'm fully booked, but today will be an easy day in comparison.

anyways, what i really came online to do is to post the finished pic of the piece i did at the skin n inks closing here it is. really i should post 2 pics so u can see all the sides, but i couldn't get an amazing photo, and by the time i was done, i didn't really wanna sit around any longer. so heres the best pic i got. enjoy!

danny's arm

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