Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Dior Dahhhhhling

So spent my entire day off doing make up for a Dior photoshoot with HK actress, Karena Lam. The job was meant to be 2 hours, but low and behold.....6 hrs later, we just about scraped something together! It was all a bit crazy, and we actually got a lot done, considering the time. We did "tattoos" (not real....) on the lovely lady, 2 full sleeves, hand tats, and a full chest piece.
Looking forward to seeing the prints, as I couldnt hang around and watch the shoot, as I had dinner plans with firends, that i was 3 hours late for (sorry guys, the food was AWESOME though!)
I must say Ms Lam sat super still for 6 hours, and was a great sport, I just hope she could wash it all off ok! (japan?!) anyways, tomorrow is the closing party at Cliq for Skin n Inks, and I'll be tattooing there, so its all go. Wish me luck!
Until then...........

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