Friday, 4 July 2008

lost but not forgotten

so i was diggin' about the computer and found this pic of a tiger i did a few weeks back. we managed to get it all done in like......a 5 hour sitting. god know's how, and i'd rather have had more time on this one (bit of a mad rush towards the end! i'm sure he felt it.), but he was visiting HK. Just realised i never posted this pic, so here's a putty cat on a rock.


had a cancellation (well.....they rescheduled for another day)today, so my last few hours at work got freed up. i'm pretty happy about it coz i got a lot of artwork to work on, so i should be able to get some of that outta the way. for anyone waiting on designs, i'm sorry i'm really backlogged. i'm fully booked for the next 2 weeks, and have barely any time to get designs done, so once again "i'm sorry"! should get some done in the next few days, among other stuff i'm working on.... and hopefully some new pics to post soon too!

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