Thursday, 26 February 2009

AnD tv party tonight!

so we went to the skate first party tonight, albeit late, which is never a bad thing when u walk staright in after a long day tattooing and dont have to pay! anyways, i have ta admit, i was like."how much for a beer?!!! whaaaaa?" but i was there and i'm stubborn so i bought my fare share, and then.... an angel came and gave me 6 free beers! 6 free beers when they cost an arm and a leg (and maybe a bollock if ur male) so anyways, life just got way better, then i find out half the bar staff like star crossed tattoos and have visited the studio many a time, so we get free shots. lots of free shots. very good stuff i must say! cant complain.... at all.
the night was ok, funny dancing from most, and weird lazer lights in the club that make you feel like u r about to walk into something at any given moment (i guess u had to be there, but imagine a constant moving prison cell that kept bumping into your face at any given moment....), but....i dont care too much. i got so many free drinks! mmwahhh haaa haaa!
good stuff, go buy the dvd its available at HMV laaaa.
til next time all u breakdancing dudes who cant quite do the splits and all you tutu wearing bleach blondes! party on.

more punk references to confuse most of u i'm sure... anyways, quick post from the studio before i take my long trek home to sai kung....

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Hey you !! Sorry for the delay !! The pack will be in the mail on Monday laaa !! Hope all is good aaaaall the way over there !!! Love what you've done to your blog too !!!! And wow ... You've become addicted I see !! Quite the mad posting laaa !! Good job skipper !! Miss ya guys !