Monday, 23 February 2009

Oi! Punk whatchoo lookin' at?

So Combat 77 (band from Hanover in Germany) played a gig for us at the Wanch on sat. It was friggin' awesome! For all of you poor people that missed it, "I pity the fool"! It was the best gig i'd been to in so so so...........forever. (in Hong Kong that is........obviously!)
anyways, i had to work super stoopid early the next day to tattoo 3 of them, which was fun and far too tiring at the same time!
The whole band are super sweet people, i havent got a bad word to say bout any of them. Check out their myspace page HERE!

Here's a few pics of them n me and them and us and them n stuff. enjoy!

oh, and also in this group shot is Ray from "no name" check them out here
and uli.... good guy we met last year.
there's no link for uli.....maybe i'll make a website just for him......nah.

this is me tattooing Noppi, the guitarist .

here's a pic from the gig i stole off someone's flickr for all your viewing pleasure.

oh and here's one of todays doings. i thought i'd throw this up here too, coz unadvertantly, this piece kinda makes sense if ya know your punk. if not....... "i pity the fool!" but here's a link for anyone remotely interested!

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