Sunday, 15 February 2009

it's gonna be stormy weather i like it or not

started a nice piece yesterday, and had the best intentions of finishing it but 3 hours later, with at least one more to go, and after moving my next guy back 2 hours and him still showing up before i was just wasn't meant to be! anyways, i hate taking pics of stuff half fresh and half healed, but hopefully when i finish it, i'll be able to get a half decent pic to post.

so. thought i'd post yesterdays later doings, haven't posted anything like this for a while... this came out nice n clean so...... thought i'd share.

today was free'd up a little thanks to a no show, well a last minute "i've got the flu deal" (i think i'm gonna have to start demanding doctors notes!) so that meant i had time to squeeze this in between some beautiful work on miss katie.

one easy customer by anyone's standards, and she gets 10 bonus points for constantly telling me how gentle i tattoo! (wow, now we're doing bonus points?! how will i keep score?)
mucho thanks to sam for bringing her by, can always use more customers like u guys!

anyways, miserable weather, a little shocked my bus didnt crash on the way home, visibility was literally like, 10 meters max, and in true hong kong "driving" fashion, he didnt go below 65 the whole trip. good on ya, ya crazy sonofabitch!

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katie saxby said...

you rock girl!!! home and healing and thrilled with new addition, thankyou soo much for squeezing me into your gentle hands!!
Im ruined now for future works with others who will have me moaning! Look forward to seeing you again, beautiful guns n roses by the way really stunningxxxxxxxxxxxx