Saturday, 28 February 2009

Superorder Selachimorpha

Thats "shark" for all you people who didnt know. You learn something new every day eh?

Anyways, here's the 4th tattoo i did today and boy am i all tattooed out! Think this ended up takin bout 3 hours on a newbie who sat like a champ. I dont get the chance to do much stuff like this (that's right, not everyone wants big fat ass black outlines on their tattoos! why.....i just do not know........), so it sure felt like work!

Pretty pleased with how it turned out though!

Anyways, as summer is quickly coming round the bend, here's something to keep y'all on dry land, where people should be!

Oh, and just a quick heads up for anyone who was planning on stopping by the studio next week, we r closed tues and thurs coz we r having work done on the studio ceiling.... so monday, fri and the weekend are all good.

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