Monday, 2 February 2009

but "i'm a laaaaydeeee"!

So here are the paintings i said i was gonna post before my back pretty much broke.

(went to get my back "realigned". i can at least walk now, and go up and down stairs albeit sloooooooowly, and only took one day off work so nothing got too messed up. gotta go get it "realigned" like 4 more times before it's "stable" apparantly!)

the good news is that my chiropractor was very impressed with my shoes! 10 points for me.

Anyways, just about to leave work for some TACOS! oh yeah, and my 4 o clock a doodle doo appointment for tomorrow cancelled today so i got some more time to paint, or maybe fiddle about with a gig poster i may or not be doing . more on that tomorrow, or not. (i'm not trying to be mysterious, i just dont wanna say i'm doing the poster until i AM doing the poster if ya catch my drift.

toodeloo til tomorrow y'all!

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