Monday, 9 February 2009

grassroots and evergreen

So here's todays doings. dude sat like a super hero champion of trooperness (wow! right?). 10 points. anyways, nice little piece to do. photo came out surprisingly well considering my camera seemed to go on a preemptive strike a few days ago! It's ok though coz a few eleastic bands, some tape and Voila! good as second hand!

And here's what i got up to last night. Got a new sketchbook so figured i'd give it a "new face" to start afresh. Couldn't get this scanned coz once again i do not know how stuff works, but the photo came out ok i think.
cool, done for the day, so farewell. and remember, if MacGyver could fix it with tape and a toothpick, so can you! (that too goes for your face by the way)

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