Friday, 6 February 2009

magnum mentality

so a good 4 or so hours and a shirt later (why do i wear light clothes to work when they ALWAYS get ruined?) and you end up with this :
(apologies for the not so amazing photo, it's a little distorted and long looking coz i had to have her lean over slightly to get less glare)

I forced myself to use a magnum for the whole thing, and i'm sure to most ppl who tattoo that means nothing, and it's kinda a "so what?".....but to me it's like, "OH MY GOD!".
let me explain...... see..... i dont use mag's. ever. really.
i think if anything it took me a little longer than if i were using my normal textured 14 rounds, but .... i'm gonna keep at it.
10 trillion points to my customer for sitting like a champ, i'm glad i got it all finished in one shot. and i'm glad i have something to blog about other than my back (which is now in agony by the way! i love bending at a 90 degree angle for long periods of time) but it's all gravy baby. I'm getting it all realigned again 2morrow, so who cares eh?!

anyways, i'm about to crash for the night, so here are some other magnums for all of you who have nothing better to do than keep reading..........

A bottle, holding about two fifths of a gallon (1.5 liters), for wine or liquor.
The amount of liquid that this bottle can hold.
A magnum cartridge or firearm.
Of or relating to a cartridge containing a larger explosive charge than other cartridges of the same size.
Designed to shoot magnum cartridges.

see ya laters ya alligators.

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