Friday, 27 February 2009

Blood, sweat and beers.

So here is todays 4 and a half hour doings. Jeremy Fish artwork i had to painstakingly redraw from a few jaunty angled photos of his recent San Fran exhibition. I'm a HUGE jeremy fish fan, so i was super stoked to be doing this piece. it's gonna be part of a larger fishier piece, but this is part 1! anyways, check out his official website HERE

So, introducing george and ernest sitting in the buggy, keeping it hood y'all (beatsy boys aint got shit on these 2 homies). mr bear aint got a name, neither does little dude riding mr bear. any takers? click on the pic for a much bigger and better image!

we were originally doing this as a lower back piece, but after a few" umms" and "ahhhs" we ended up doing it as thigh piece. then we were gonna do the woodgrain effect from the original photo, but after a few "umms" and "ahhs" we went with brown tones, so as to match with the next installment. luckily this was the only piece i had booked in today, and after starting an hour later than planned it filled up my whole day.I have a super early start tomorrow with a client coming from Macau, and a super hectic day of tat zappin' ahead of me, and being 3am and my dinner still in the oven....i'm most definitely not looking forward to up in a few hours if ya gets me drift.
love and peas, til next time.

oh and p.s, when u wait so long for a bus you can actually feel yourself getting sunburnt.....that's too tooo tooooo long. am i right?!

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lowlight said...

That tattoo is fucking AWESOME