Wednesday, 11 February 2009

sea men n' cider

this is by so so far the best blog title i have ever come up with! i'm sure most people reading this wont even get the genuis of it, but it makes me laugh and it's so fitting to what happened yesterday!

anyways, here's what i got up to yesterday. realy enjoyed this one, nice n big and nice n bold. this anchor is definitely not going ANYWHERE!

today's my day off from the studio and i am meant to be doing designs for 2morrow, so far i got 2 and a half outta 3 done, so i think i'm done til tomorrow now. got a cool piece booked in for tomorrow so if all goes well and i get it finished, i'll be posting that. ok i'm out, it's beer o clock and i got better stuff to do than this.

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