Monday, 2 March 2009

2 birds with 1 stone!

ok, so here's todays pic of choice. nice cover up that i had loads of free reign with for a change! nice easy going customer, just the way i like 'em! sat like a super pain absorbent space creature, didnt even flinch! good going and definitely 10 points well deserved.

taking 3 days off work, but not exactly "outta work" coz we'll be getting our brand spanking new ceiling in the studio this week! had to totally clear out the studio and it looks horrible. no posters, no stencils from tattoo days yonder, no nothin. it echoes like hell in a fishtank now too. anyways, i'm sure by the weekened all the crap will be back in its rightful place, and it will feel like home again!



Hey it's me !!!!! It's Nick !!!! Remember !!!! ???? Anyways ... I went to the post office today to send your beautiful new collectors edition E-P-Original masterpiece !!! And imagine my surprise when I realized I had forgotten you guys's address !!!! D'ya mind sending that my way again ?? Sorry !

Hope all is good !! Birds rock !

beebyland said...

Pain absorbant space creature, haha, wicked.

I still am a little overwhelmed by how beautiful it is, I honestly couldn't love it anymore than I do and so thank you so much, oncemore.

I'm definately going to be coming back to you again - infact as soon as I'm a little more mended.

Cheers and good luck with the renovating.