Monday, 30 March 2009


So, quick post bout the gig at grappas. it was an awesome night! The best gig I've been to in Hong Kong since..... pff, i cant even remember. I didnt even miss the opening bands, well thats a lie, i rocked up after Transnoodle, no skin off my nose if ya know what i mean. Went out drinking with the bands after, only everywhere was closing up so ended up being very noneventful, thank god for Dean from El Destroyo and his Marry Poppin's-esque bag of tricks.

It was a shame so many ppl left after Go Jimmy Go and before Astrophonix played, they were the band of the night for me, f'in awesome. Anyways, u can check out Go Jimmy Go's page HERE and Astophonix HERE!

I meant to take my camera, but rushed outta work to make the gig and my mind went blank. I'm sure some good photos will surface from that night eventually.

Anyways so yesterday i hosted a little shindig myself, digging someone's shin for 3 hours. Had an incredibly hard time getting a good pic of will be in full colour, but for now, its just linework and a bit of background attaching it to a not so great coi he had done in china. maybe by a blind monk.... i dunno!

Til then

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