Sunday, 8 March 2009

I couldn't stand to be without my legs.

So... wow....crazy week. havent blogged in what feels like forever too.

We went to the AnD party at the Venetian in Macau on Thurs, it was awesome. we met up with our good buddy Tom who owns "Rascals" (pub in macau....go there and drink.) Tom's a good customer and a good friend and it was great seeing him again, especially as it took us 3 hours and 7 taxi's to find him! But anyways, the seven taxis meant we got to see pretty much all of macau in a short space of time, which was cool. i was just super bummed i didn't have my camera.

anyways, after a good few drinks that Tom ordered for me, that i had no idea of the ingredients, and most of them had to be necked, i was in a good mood and ready for what i was kinda expecting to be a mediocre night. we'd already been into the venetian, during the 3 previous hours of playing hide and seek with Tom, and i was kinda like "pffff, this place sucks." the casino has no atmosphere, the carpets looked like they were chosen by Fu Manchu on crack, and all the chairs looked like they came from Ikea. the best thing about the whole place was the ceilings.

anyways, the night ended up being awesome, the DJ was fuckin' sweet playing loads of proper old school hip hip hop(check his myspace HERE!), and mixing all sorts of goodness in amongst it. the graffiti artist was lame as hell, but maybe he doesn't use computers much, not his fault i'd imagine. Graffiti is meant to be a diservice, and sitting up on a stage with go go dancers fiddling about on a tablet seemed WHACK. That's right, i said WHACK MOFO! anyways, about 6 bottles of champagne later, we had to rush to get the 3am ferry home coz i was fully booked at work... and i dont know how, but by some miracle i made it to work EARLY, and i wasn't even hungover!

So this is a piece i did on Fri. Cool, piece all over a guy's shin, musta felt like magic.

ooh, and the jeremy fish piece strolled into the studio on fri, and it had healed PERRRRRRRFECT! already! super quick regeneration leg me thinks! i got a healed pic kickin' about somewhere so i'll try and post that soon too!

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