Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lucky in love

Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit. ~R.E. Shay

So here's yesterdays doings on a lovely lady from the U S of A. Easy customer, just let me get on with it.

She decided to get this little gem to counteract her boyfriends bad luck tattoo! hope it helps a little, there seems to be a pretty widespread luck drought going around, but i think it'll pass. She found out about the shop from an editor at Inked magazine, who did a little piece on the shop a while back.

I was gonna close early for the gig, but decided i'd rather stay open and do this piece coz as soon as she e mailed me with the idea, i was looking forward to it. love stuff like this! I love the way the heart came out, think i'll try stuff like this more often. My brother booked in soon, maybe next week, i've already drawn his piece but now i'm thinking about seeing if i cant do somehting fancy with the background, or .... oh i dunno. i'm thinking outloud, you just cant hear me coz you're not here.

So, i'm a day behind schedule on my blogs, i'll hopefully catch up soon! Tomorrow i'll post bout the gig and todays tattoo which is a nice piece, not finished but we got a fair amount done in 3 hours. More on that 2morrow y'all.

Til then.

over n out

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Sweet sweet !! Nice one missy !! The compass bellow is pretty super too !! Good job skipper !! Oh ... And ... YOU ROCK !!!! Just came back from the post office and imagine my surprise !!!!! So ... Thanks super lots ... My turn next !!!

Rock !