Monday, 23 March 2009

Blue blooded murder of the english tongue

bad news i'm afraid. upon opening the studio today, we came across the bleak realisation thet the false ceiling had collapsed, damaging about 60.000 HKD worth of stuff.

we had the associate for the landlord round and as useless and unhelpful as they are, we are trying to get this all resolved by sat. maybe e mail me fri for an update. obviously i am having a really hard time rescheduling my appointments, and i cant apologise enough for any inconvenience caused, i am just fucking relieved that i wasnt working on anyone at the time.

my 2 favorite tattoo machines were found on the floor under all the rubble, and i am a fraction away from bursting into tears as i type this. sorry! nobody could have forseen this happening, except maybe for the fucking cowboys the landlord employed to do the job. i'm about as pissed off as i have ever been, the shop is my baby, and right now, it feels like my baby has been abused.

here's some photos of the war zone i walked in on today.

luckily i got to work over an hour early, and ross and rob managed to call everyone booked in over the next few days. once again, i'm sorry, i dont know how we will ever afford to replace half the stuff that has been damaged, and this couldnt have happened at a worst time, right in the middle of our renovating, and it has put the renovations on the glass counters, the studio wallpaper, everything is going to be behind schedule. i think today i have exasperated the use of every swear word in the dictionary, and probably made a few up along the way. is wank-weasel in the dictionary?

oh, and for anyone who was planning on coming in, dont you worry your nelly, we are not opening until we are 100% certain that the work has been done to the best and most professional capacity possible, we had quite the yelling match with the landlord and the fucking contractor who permanently had a bloddy great grin smirked on his ugly mug. (this is the only job organised by the landlord. our contractor is a rockstar, and came by today to help with all the deliberations. good man victor, champion i say!)

please e mail the shop for any further news, as i highly doubt i'll be blogginf much the next few days,

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