Friday, 13 March 2009

I'm in Flash Ink magazine!

So, this little gem arrived in the post today. Nice 4 page spread in Flash Ink magazine. Brightened up my day a whole bunch, especially as my appointment today cancelled on me at the last i'm sat around twiddling my thunbs. It does mean that i should have enough time to finish painting the design for the new sign though, so silver lining and all that bollocks i guess.

My big bro stopped by today too, so seeing as i was metaphorically & literally watching paint dry, we went out for a quick coffee. He's booked in for a sweet tattoo next month, so looking forward to that! I'm sure i've mentioned this before, but he is a grade A+++ customer, and pretty much lets me just get on with it, which is never a bad thing.... unless i guess you are super anally retentive, and in which case, i'm sorry. Go see a doctor.

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HEROIC said...

Wow! Can you say HOTTT! I dunno because myself personally I think tattoo's are the biggest think on your self presentation. I mean everybody is seen differently since they express different persona's, but what if they get a tattoo, will it make you look at them differently?? I don't think so because I can only judge a person if I know them. If I know a person that means I more or less know everything about that individual and their life, and with them having a tattoo, being it I have accepted them already for who they are, the tattoo would simply express a part about them that I already know about. So, to others it may look like a mysterious design, but to me, it's as normal as humans that come with a set of two hands.
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