Sunday, 1 March 2009

*Sugar, spice & everything nice!*

So here's a really fun piece i just finished! As soon as i found out i was getting to do a pink donut tattoo all the clouds in my little tattoo land vanished and the sun shone down in glorious fashion, making the flowers smile and trees gently wave hello!
Anyways, here's the beauty that is THE DONUT THAT MADE MY DAY!

In other news, my appointment which i had put aside 3 to 4 hours for today didnt show up, but i'm still riding my bouncy little donut cloud playing with the care bears in their awesome little paradise, taking very organised turns with little organised ques for the rainbow slide, in the place where nobody is late and everyone gives at least 24 hours to cancel their trip on the merry go round,and i'm not gonna bitch and moan.....

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