Saturday, 21 March 2009

dancing to the beat of the humdrum

So everything is back to normal as far as the studio goes.... well, almost back to normal! Yesterday was the first day back since all the renovations, and first day back tattooing. So did session 2 on jeremy fish leg piece guy, and this one had a background. it was over 3 hours right on the back of his thigh, cant have been fun n games, but all went well and got everything i was planning on finishing finito'ed (dont use that in a game of scrabble)! so he'll be back again to get some background added to the first jeremy fish piece i did....which i still need to post a healed pic of....hopefully later. i got them, but i need them photoshopped together.

Oh, for anyone planning on coming by this week, we are actually open on WEDNESDAY and closed on THURSDAY coz we are having the renovation in the studio room finished on thurs. I cant wait til it's all over, but i love the way the shop looks now! It's like having a brand new studio!

anyways, here's todays piece, enjoy, and keep a hold of that gold of yours, this guy's on a mission.

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