Tuesday, 24 March 2009

buildings are crumbling with apathy

"It's a repressive society where you can't be horrible, I'm not horrible, they made me horrible, I'm just honest.”

Johnny Rotten

so....looks like the studio will be back in business by friday. that by no means that everything has been resolved, but at least i'll be tattooing again, and to be honest, i kinda get a little crazy now if i'm not tattooing at least 6 days a week! So stuff will be back to it's normal stress level, and we'll just have to see how things with the landlord go about... albeit i'm not expecting anything remotely good.

so, as i was sat around twiddling my thumbs, what better way to cheer one's self up than a night at Ned Kelly's? so 4 hours of drinking and jazzing later, i'm about to go home, just stopped by the studio to print out all the reference for the tattoos booked in over the next few days that i havent had a chance to draw. luckily ross will be taking care of the builders 2morrow, so i got a whole day of unrelentless designing booked ahead of me, which is work well overdue with all the rescheduling!

just thought i'd better post a quick update, and any customers who we had to reschedule, be expecting a call on fri or sat at the latest to sort everything out!~

heres a purtttty pic of HK to cheer me up, i dunno if it helps y'all, but hey, i aint no DR Phil!

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